Dielectric Solvent

Made to remove dielectric fluids and leave your miners spotless. Both solvent and cleaner, to remove hydro carbonated heat transfer fluids from electronic components and accessories


Dielectric Solvent

Both solvent and cleaner, to remove hydro carbonated heat transfer fluid from electronic components and accessories. This solvent can be also used to clean electronic equipment from all contamination (debris, dust) before immersing it in Thermasafe fluid. Additionally, it can be used as a cleaning fluid to clean all immersion equipment: enclosures, tanks, hoses, pumps, etc from an oil-based fluid. Safe to use for rubber and plastic, and does not contain any hazardous substances. Does not require any special protection equipment during daily use. The solvent can be used for spray cleaning, or for immersion cleaning in dip tanks. After cleaning, any residue will evaporate and dry and spotless equipment can be used in a standard air-cooled manner. Must be separated from the dielectric fluid as it will emulsify and dielectric fluid or mineral oil. Use only for cleaning purpose. Dielectric Solvent is available in 10L, 20L, & 200 L containers. 10-20L is enough to fully remove any Heat Transfer fluid residue from 30-40 miners.

We supply our customers with:

Application Cooling of electronics, ASIC miners
Appearance Crystal clear
Breakdown voltage [kV]60
Kinematic viscosity [mm2/s] 5.2
Density at 15°C [kg/m3] 833
Pourpoint [°C] -45
Flash point [°C] 158
Specific heat at 40°C [J/(g*K)] 2.20
Thermal conductivity at 40°C [W/(m*K)] 0.129
Global Warming Potential [GWP] 0
Ozone Depleting Potential [ODP] 0
Biodegradability [30d] 98%

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